Reading Summary 2015-12


How to set up a Web development environment with React, Babel, Webpack, and JavaScript ES6 - Philip Guo

Minimal fuss setup for getting started with React and JavaScript ES6

The minimal fuss setup for frontend development, from Philip, one of my favorite professor, programmer and bloggers.


Reverse Engineering for Beginners

Or rather, an intro to assembly. I’ve just took a quick glimpse on the lite version, which is x86/x86_64 MSVC assembly only. A quick review to polish the memories on x86 assembly.

The full version also contains ARM version of assembly, which is my next target.



The PEP8 Style Guide for Python Code. A good guide to writing consistently readable and beautiful Python code.


OpenPGP for Complete Beginners

A good intro to openpgp if you’re a beginner or haven’t heard of it before.

12 resolutions for programmers

An idea list of new year resolutions for programmers. I really like the ‘Embrace the uncomfortable’ part. Comfort is what kills you - it makes you lazy and dull, and makes your brains decay. It’s a good idea to stimulate it once in a while.

I do want to learn at least one more new programming language (or maybe pickup Haskell or/and Scheme again?), learn more about security, learn how to use vim, and learn more about non-programming (economics, philosophy, sociology and etc.?).

The Bicycle Problem: How the Illusion of Explanatory Depth Tricks Your Brain

Feynman Technique (Youtube)

Scott Young explains why we acutally do not understand what we think we understand. And how to really understand by using the ‘Feynman Technique’.

Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle

I’ve read the Chinese version of this book. Very interesting insight on Israel and Jewish culture. It basically explains how Israel manage to build such a powerful nation and exert influence on global economics, politics, and technology, with limited resources and hostile environment.