A Dive Into Password


The passwd is program on Unix systems to manage users’ passwords. The user and password information on most Unix systems is stored in two separate files: /etc/passwd for user information, and /etc/shadow for password information, including encrypted password value, expiration data, UID, GID, and etc… The rationale behind storing information in separate files is discussed in Why shadow your passwd file?

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A New Blog For My Tech Notes

Hello World!

It’s been a while since the last time I ever wrote some serious blog posts. After some thought I now decide to separate my everyday chit-chat blog from a more tech-oriented blog, so that contents from either sides won’t get entwined with each other, especially when I decide to blog in both languages.

For a more tech-oriented blog I’d like to keep everything in English. For I believe it’s a language most tech people could understand, even in China. And now I could publish all my discoveries, my thoughts, my ideas centered around technology in this blog, and welcome discussions. Blogging is a beautiful way of communication, and hopefully I could make friends with like-minded through keeping this blog.

And there it goes. A brand new blogging journey!